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När du ger ett bidrag till Maana så bidrar du till att tjejer och unga kvinnor som inte mår bra får någon att prata med när livet gör som mest ont. Bidrag som kommer in till oss går till:

- Provide direct support to girls and young women.

- Educate people about girls' and young women's mental health and living conditions.

- Creating long-term change.

You should always be able to feel safe when you provide us with your personal data. When you make a gift or become a monthly donor, you agree to our privacy policy. Here you can find our privacy policy in full.

For more information on how we do our fundraising, please read our fundraising policy.

A contribution makes
a real difference.

Below you can see 2022 in figures, contributions and donations go to our cause and help more people get support, help and knowledge.

Maana har 90-konto och kontrolleras av Svensk insamlingskontroll, en oberoende ideell organisation som i givarens intresse arbetar med kontroll av att insamlade medel används till rätt ändamål.

The Swedish Fundraising Control Board ensures that fundraising is carried out in an ethical and responsible manner, and that donors can feel confident that the funds raised are used for their intended purpose. In order for an organisation to receive a 90-account, at least 75% must go directly to the cause.

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