Sexuality is something most of us have. Most of us can feel desire and attraction and strong emotions even when we are young, and desire and emotions can change. Most people at some point think about their sexual orientation and have questions about sex.

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The right to your sexuality

It is a right to love whoever you want and have the sexuality you want. It's in the law and it's important to remember.

Different ideas and norms about sex are common - that is, there are many ideas about what desire, attraction and sexuality are about. But these beliefs are not always correct.

For example, there is a common perception that guys have a greater sex drive than girls, which is not true at all. The way you feel about sex is very different and has more to do with personality than gender. Another common prejudice is that all people are heterosexual, but that's not true either.

Sexuality is also something that can change throughout life.  

It is also important to remember that you should never be discriminated against or subjected to violence because of your sexuality, nor should anyone demand to know your sexual orientation or other things about your sexuality.

Taboo and difficult topics

Talking about sex and sexuality can be difficult and stressful for many people. Others find it fun and exciting.

In our society, it can often be perceived that we are very open when it comes to sex and sexuality, as sex is often shown or talked about in movies, comics and on social media.

At the same time, many people find it difficult to talk openly about sex and desire, for example at school, with their parents or with friends. Many adults also find it difficult to talk about sex and sexuality with children and young people. This can make people feel confused and alone in their thoughts and concerns.

All children should receive sex education in school, the curriculum says.